Entry Criteria

Learners to demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with level 4 of the NFQ. This may have been achieved formally or through work life experience.

Applicants must hold Category W Learner Driving Permit.

Applicants must have a good standard of English language and numeracy skills and will be required to complete an application form and take an interview.

For speakers of English as a second language, a minimum English language and literacy competency of B2 in writing, reading, listening and speaking, on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) or similar, is required. A test will be put in place, as the need arises.

Programme learners must be self-motivated and have the capacity to take responsibility for their own learning as they progress through the programme.

Digital Skills

Potential learners will be advised on the nature and commitment expected in undertaking the Farm Ed BL programme during their application interview. Applicants will be briefed on the requirements around digital literacy, access to a suitable digital device to run MS Office 365 and access to broadband. The interview will establish if the learner, once they have been offered and have accepted a place on the Farm Ed programme, need a one to one or a group tutorial on successfully interacting with the user interface of the centre’s LMS.

All things being equal, no learner will be registered on a Farm Ed BL programme without the centre being fully satisfied on all matters relating to their ability to remotely access the centre’s LMS.

Transfer Arrangements:

There are no transfer arrangements in place.


Those learners who have achieved the Agriculture 5M20454 award may have an opportunity to progress to the Farming 6S20487 programme with Farm Ed.

They may also progress their education and training through the CAO system. In this regard, Farm Ed advises learners that individual third level colleges may have particular requirements for progression