The Farm Ed Quality Framework

The Farm Ed Quality Assurance system, approved by QQI*, defines the framework of policies and procedures within which the centre’s FET** programmes are delivered and assessed. The centre is committed to the rigorous, evidence-based implementation of all its quality assurance processes, to ensure learner expectations are met and programme objectives and standards are achieved.

*QQI – Quality and Qualifications Ireland

**FET - Further Education and Training

To provide a wide range of advisory, education and training services to the Irish farming industry.

The National Framework of Qualifications

QQI is the main certifying body for courses provided by Farm Advisory Services, mainly at Level 5 and Level 6 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). Qualifications frameworks describe the qualifications of an education and training system and how they interlink. National qualifications frameworks describe what learners should know, understand and be able to do on the basis of a given qualification. These frameworks also show how learners can move from one qualification, or qualification level, to another within a system. Over 150 countries are now developing, or have developed, a national qualifications framework.

The Irish NFQ, established in 2003, is a framework through which all learning achievements may be measured and related to each other in a coherent way. The many different types and sizes of qualifications included in the NFQ, are organised based on their level of knowledge, skill and competence. Because all NFQ qualifications are quality assured, learners can be confident that they will be recognised at home and abroad. QQI has responsibility to developed, promote and maintain the Irish NFQ.

The establishment of consistent standards in education and training, the promotion of quality, increasing access, transfer and progression opportunities for learners and the ability to understand and compare qualifications at home and abroad are the cornerstone of the NFQ. The international and European dimension of the NFQ is also very important. There is an increased emphasis on the importance of mobility to learners and employers. The NFQ has provided a tool by which international qualifications can be compared. This benefits learners travelling to this country with qualifications gained outside the State and learners with national qualifications wishing to travel abroad.

The National Framework of Qualifications Classes of Awards

Quality Assured Training Provision

Farm Ed Ltd is an approved provider of QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) certified awards at Levels 1 to 6, on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications). All programmes are delivered against the backdrop of the centre’s Quality Assurance System, which has been approved by QQI. This system is subject to on-going internal monitoring, review and improvement, and external monitoring by QQI. All programmes are tutor led and are delivered in a variety of modes including classroom settings, online via Microsoft Teams and in person on-farm for skills demonstrations, development and assessment sessions. Programme duration is compliant with QQI recommendations on directed and self directed learning. Programmes are delivered at the centre’s training rooms in Cahir. All programmes are managed and quality assured from the Cahir office.

Commitment to Quality Assurance

As a provider of QQI awards, Farm Ed Ltd is committed to the provision of quality assured training. The centre takes ownership of its QA system by promoting an internal operational culture of quality provision and continuous improvement. Quality and quality assurance are embedded and maintained across the entire organisation with roles identified for, learners, staff, employers, external partners, external agencies, etc.

Commitment to Quality Assurance Focus on Best Practice Farm Ed Ltd aims to add value at all stages of its training provision. It aims to exceed learner expectations and be an organisation in which learning and skill development thrives It commits to ensuring comprehensive two-way communications with stakeholders to inform continuous development and improvement It aims to maximise retention, certification and learner progression rates It aims to maximise the learning experience through the continuous monitoring, review and self-evaluation of performance The expectations and needs of the agriculture industry are gauged through an extensive network of partnerships within the sector Learners are selected through an interview process that directs applicants to programmes best matched to their interests, needs and expectations Tutors and Farm Ed Ltd staff know the industry intimately, have many years of practice in their chosen area of expertise and the capacity to enhance the learning experience beyond the classroom