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Learner Code of Commitment

Learners who register for a programme with Farm Ed Ltd are entering into a partnership with the centre to progress their education and training. Both sides of the partnership have rights and responsibilities. The centre is committed to creating

A learning environment that is supportive, respectful and fair in which learners can engage free from discrimination and harassment and which provides equality of opportunity. The Farm Ed Ltd learner code of commitment places expectations on learners as they register with the centre. It is designed to cater for the common good. It describes the standards of conduct and behaviour required as learners engage with their programme.

Commitment to Programme

Registered learners are expected to fully commit to their chosen programme by:

  • Regular and punctual attendance
  • Active participation and engagement with teaching and learning sessions
  • Submitting coursework on time
  • Taking ownership of all coursework submitted
  • Not impeding other learner’s learning
  • Informing the programme Tutor/Leader of any supports needed arising from disability or a related specific need
  • Cooperating fully with fellow learners and centre staff
  • Providing constructive feedback on their learning experience at the centre as requested The following are examples of unacceptable behaviour:
  • Use of photographic/video equipment (including mobile phone), except where part of course requirements

Learner Code

  • Mobile phone use during sessions. Mobile phones should be neither seen nor heard during teaching and learning sessions
  • Physical or verbal abuse of any member of the learning community
  • Bullying or harassment, sexually or otherwise, of any member of staff or fellow learners
  • Damage or misuse of any property or resources of staff or fel+ LOw learners
  • Cheating, forgery, personation, alteration or misuse of any documentation (including assessment evidence), records, ID cards, etc.
  • Use or possession of an offensive weapon
  • Use of non prescription or recreational drugs and the consumption of alcohol while at a training venue or participating in online classes. It is not permitted to be under the influence of non prescription or recreational drugs or alcohol while attending training.
  • Provision of false or misleading information
  • Breaching assessment regulations
  • Theft, removal or use without permission of property of any member of staff or fellow learners
  • Disruptive behaviour during a teaching and learning session
  • Failure to comply with H&S regulations and requirements
  • Accessing, sending or storing of unlawful and inappropriate material while using the Centre’s IT system.
  • Encouraging others to engage with any of the above

Farm Ed Ltd reserves the right to cancel the continued course participation of a learner who is found to act in breach of its learner code. All representatives of Farm Ed Ltd have authority to enforce the centre’s learner code. Learner complaints, suggestions and observations may be brought to the notice of any representative of the centre; see complaints procedure in Section 9, pg. 36 of this handbook.